Welcome to Sense Of Wonder, the site collective of me, Tlace.  There isn't much here at the moment.  Some sites have closed, but others have (or will) replace them.


Well, the only update at the moment is that I moved servers and made a new layout.  Ta-da!!  I am in the midst of creating the upcoming sites as well as working with a lovely pal on getting Freeze Frame back up to speed with a new layout and database.  A project that will make updating easier, therefore, more frequent :)


Freeze Frame:
A network of Angel & Buffy screencap sites
Geeker Joy:
My fanart domain
Living Title Free:
My Live Journal.  95% fandom 5% real life. 
The Jossverse Codex:
A site dedicated to re-visiting the Jossverse.
Neverending Stories:
A fanfiction archive.
Pop Tart:
A review/essay site dedicated to all things pop-culture; games, music, movies, television and more.
Seeing Specialness:
A clique/fan site dedicated to the relationship of Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase on BtVS. 


by invitation only

Heart of the Chosen One:
A BtVS fansite

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{The Girl}

Tlace is a  happily married fangirl, who loves television, film and music almost as much as she loves her husband, family and friends ;) Currently obsessing about Lost, Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives.  Hopes to again obsess over Alias, is a late-comer to the beauty that is Farscape, and will always love Buffy and Angel. She occasionally makes fanart, secretly writes fanfic (but nevers seems to finish any) and gushes and squees, about all things entertainment, on her LJ. 





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